Lea Porcelain review

Coming all the way from Frankfurt, Germany, Lea Porcelain are here and it looks like they are here to stay.

Lea Porcelain gig review

Often being compared to the likes of Joy Division and The XX their “outside genre” sound combines Queens of the Stone Age and Joy Division though the mind of The Mighty Boosh.

The duo had their debut London gig at The Waiting Room, Stoke Newington, and was greeted by a full house. Their set, which included their new song ‘Similar Familiar’, was a big hit that kept the whole audience excited the whole night.

As a live band they took a little time to warm to their audience between songs but were still able to have a cheeky little joke with the sound guy. There is something for everyone when you listen to their music.

Talking to the band after their first ever live set together they said it the best “it was rough and edgy enough but also awakening” and the gig left them “inspired”

Overall I really enjoyed the show, and by the looks of everyone else in the room Lea Porcelain are just a big of a hit in London as they are in Germany! I can’t wait to hear what they release next, but I definitely recommend giving them a listen on Sound Cloud.

Lea Porcelain found time to chat with MARKMEETS Showbiz Magazine in an exclusive interview, see what they said below:

You have just moved to London, what made you make the move?
As soon as we finished the album in Germany, it was quite clear to us after we received such positive feedback from people around especially in London that there will be no other way than to make a move. We literally woke up one morning and knew that it will be crucial for us to set ourselves into this energetic field that we saw and that for us was only in London.

If I’m right it was your first gig in London, how was it? How do Brits differ as an audience?
It was inspiring and very crowded for the good bit of our time on stage. To be fair, it had everything in it that a band usually comes across with on their first gig. I mean, Julien and I are live-experienced over the years through and through, him through his Techno live-act and me from playing and touring solo such as with band. So, for now playing the two of us together, for the first time live with the hybrid set-up we have, it was rough and edgy enough but also awakening.

The brits tend to be more critical as an audience in one way but also hedonistic in another.

What bands do you see as your influences?
Boards of Canada


Nick Cave

Michael Jackson

Dylan & Cohen


Wild Beasts

What inspired your name?
In fact, the name of our daughters in future.

Where do you place your genre?
Outside Genre.

Where are your next gigs? And where can people see what you guys are up too?
There will be more shows announced within the next two weeks.

Review by Chuckie. 

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