Laurence Fox Gig Review

Laurence Fox Gig Review: The Borderline London

Laurence Fox played one of his first gigs as a signed artist. Starting his career as a successful acting graduate from RADA, Fox’s success stretches from a marriage to Billie Piper, co-staring in Lewis and now he rises into the music scene though his ballads. Last nights gig could be the continuation onto a new path of an already interesting carrer.

Laurence Fox Stage

Seeing Laurence Fox play live, his sound is very different to his pre-recorded songs and this is not only down to the mix. He even made a comment about this, as he is being supported by Greg on guitar and Sam on keyboard. The majority of his set list was his own composition, except for a cover of “Brilliant Disguise by Bruce Springsteen” and I’m guessing this is one of his influences.

Laurence Fox On Stage

This pretty much sums up his sound. Mix Springsteen with Keane or Coldplay and you have moderately slow tempo-ed songs that are joined with meaningful lyrics. The music I heard was great, only thing I would like to see is a bit of variety. Something with a faster pace or a broader range of accompaniments, to change things up and keep a fresh feeling.

It’s safe to say that Laurence knew his audience; as soon as he got himself on stage he was warm and welcoming, which is a good thing because some of his fans came all the way from Japan just to see him. During his songs it was clear the passion behind the lyrics, pretty much before every song, there was a bit of back-story. Looking round at the crowd they were all captivated.

On the other hand, in between the song, the banter and mildly amusing abuse he gave to his supporting guitarist was reciprocated by laughter and joy. For someone who took some convincing, to start performing his music in front of people, Fox looked extremely comfortable with all of his attention.

Laurence and fans who came from Japan. From left to right: Max Helvellyn, Maxie Filler, Rie Kuroda, Laurence Fox and Kuniko Kojima.

Live on stage Laurence Fox was a great experience. His fans adore him and he seemed willing to give them time after the gig, for a bit of a meet and greet. From his music and interviews it is clear Laurence likes to keep a low profile, but if I could give him one piece of advice: I’d want him to get out there. What he does is great. The crowd here tonight represented just how diverse his fandom is: if it’s your first time listening to him or if you have known him for years, if you are young or old. During the gig he mentioned his new album:

Holding Patterns but gave no information on release date. You can check out his current music on Sound Cloud or Spotify.


Written by Chuckie

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