LoudKidz Interview

LoudKidz are Chez Davis, Jamie Skehan, and Benjamin James – all from Manchester but from distinctly different musical backgrounds.


Lead singer Chez was singer in a punk-pop band, rapper Ben comes from hip-hop and soul background, and guitarist Jamie an indie/electronica record producer. Together, they’re LoudKidz.

LoudKidz are set to tour the UK throughout 2015 supporting some of the biggest names in music, the energetic trio will be clocking up performances to over 1 million people alongside artists including The Vamps, Professor Green, Rixton and Connor Maynard.

Renee's Selfie With LoudKidz

Watch the Loudkiz interview with Renee 2015

Interview by Renee Bourke

Filmed by: Chuckie

LoudKidz are set to be the pop act everybody is talking about this Summer, check out their socials below:




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