Arkham Knight The Game

After a long delay we finally have the final part of the trilogy:Arkham Knight is here and straight away, it seems, they hit you with everything they have.

Within the first 10 minuets of game play we see Joker, Scarecrow, Two-face and Penguin

Arkham Knight Game review

Before Batman makes his first appearance. But has it peaked too early? Before even playing the story line just looking at the city is breath taking. It is a beautiful masterpiece as promised. Graphically the level of detail is as good as landscape painting if not better. It’s easy to take your time to glide over the rooftops and though the dark streets trying to notice all of the little Easter eggs.

Dipping into the intense gameplay and story line are the incredible voice. All of the previous voices from the old games are pretty much the same as before. New to the scene is Jonathan Banks who plays Commissioner Gordon. Previously co-staring in Breaking Bad. Banks now narrates our story, and what a voice to pick.

It’s a shame his character model hasn’t been updated because I don’t think it quiet fits, he sounds more damaged where as the character just looks warn out, but otherwise he does a bang up job!

Arkham Knight

Some of the new features make for great new game mechanics: diving off a building for the first time into the Bat-mobile feels incredible. Being able to drive around the city give a whole new dynamic to the game, and this is something else that you can upgrade later on. If you have played these game before then picking up the controls will be easy will be like riding a bike. If, on the other hand you are new to the Batman games, firstly where have you been? Secondly it might feel like you have jumped in the deep end but there are several opportunities to learn the skills from the prequels as well as pick up some easy upgrade points.

If you are playing on PC then you might experience some frame rate drops every so often: with all of the weather effects and loading in of chunks. Of course these are to be expected if you don’t have a half decent PC. Comparing this to the console versions of the game, PS4 seems to run smoothly.

Arkham Knight - MarkMeets Review the Game

As it stands, fresh off the shelf, this is an amazing game. Rocksteady: please never leave Batman games! It was slightly delayed on release but it looks like it was worth it. Nothing much can be faulted about this game. One thing I would recommend is the extra DLC, it does cost almost the same prices as the new game but for that you are getting at least 3 new story lines including Batgirl: A Mater of Family, The Season of Infamy and Gotham City Stories. In these you can play as Batgirl and Batman as well as some “Key Allies” which might include Robin and Catwoman. Overall I would highly recommend this for anyone out there who like stealth, strategies and of course Batman! It is going to be one of my top contenders for game of the year.

Batman is out on PC, PS4 and Xbox ONE, with Season passes available for additional DLC.


Written by Chuckie

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