Pixels Movie Review

It’s 1982, technology has advanced to the point of creating the first computer games new music and man has finally joined the space race.

So to celebrate a time capsule of our achievements was sent into the vast emptiness of space. But when the message is taken as a threat of war, an intense video game battle for earth is on and who is more qualified to lead the fight than those involved in the 1982 world Centipede, Packman and Donkey Kong Champions.

Pixels Movie Review - "It's Probably one of Adam Sandler’s best films yet!"

This time more is on the line than just the highest score.

Pixels isn’t the most complex of plots but it defiantly fits into one of my biggest dreams. Real life video games have come to earth; only this time there is no reset button and no extra lives. President Cooper has to call upon his childhood friends Brenner and Ludlow as well as their long time enemy Eddie to fight alongside the US army and maybe even find love along the way.

This film surprised me, I’m not always the biggest Adam Sandler fan, but Sandler was able to maintain an adult performance through out: romantic, funny and heroic. At times he could be a little cheesy but who can blame him, he is the hero of the story. Supporting Brenner is Cooper and Ludlow played by Kevin James and Josh Gad. James is no stranger to “action” of this nature, previously staring in Mal Cop and Zookeeper, he now plays a president who may have difficulty reading but is willing to prove his worth.

Gad, on the other hand, appears far more familiar working with animations as he has co-starred in films such as Razortooth, Ice-Age 4 and more recently Frozen. Both of these guys add their own peculiar humour to the film.

Interestingly Peter Dinklage was cast as Eddie “The Fireblaster” Plant. Known most recently from Game of Thrones but also appearing in Elf and X-Men: Days of Future Past, this performance really shows how diverse Dinklage can really be. Together these three really bring together the whole film.

Although they are very different on the screen they appear to work amazingly with each other. In my opinion though the real star of the film, and the one everyone will be desperate to see more of, is Q*Bert! This was his second film he has appeared in after Wreck It Ralph and it is clear he has become an adorable icon who should be ready to make a come back (even if he has learnt a few naughty words in the past few years).

“Pixels is Probably one of Adam Sandler’s best films yet!” – Chuckie

Anyone watching the trailer of this film could see how heavily it depended on visual effects; thankfully Digital Domain and Sony did justice to the original work of the characters. Keeping their appearance the same was an obvious must, but their work can be best seen in digitalising characters to 3D, such as Donkey Kong and Q*Bert. To make you are aware of the work they did and how much these characters need rendering, they make the transformation in front of your eyes, which I must admit is rather satisfying.


It’s also worth noting another parallel with the previously mentioned gaming film: Henry Jackman. Although probably most well known for his music from The Dark Knight, his work on Pixels could be one for the books. Keeping in line with his previous orchestral pieces, he creates an interesting original score for each encounter and doesn’t appear to draw too much on the retro classics. To top it off he produced an exciting single, Game on, sung by Waka Flocka Flame featuring Good Charlotte! It fits perfectly with the rest of the film but unfortunately this was not featured on the Pixels Album!

Watching any of the trailers from Pixels, it promises a range of characters from gaming history but the reason why I liked this so much was the amount of characters it gave! It’s a light-hearted comedy, added with bit of romance and a huge helping of nostalgia. Probably one of Adam Sandler’s best films yet!


Pixels is released in UK cinemas 12th August 2015.

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