Miss Behave’s Gameshow at the London Wonderground

On Friday night, Miss Behave’s Gameshow at the London Wonderground was definitely the place to be! Miss Behave in all her sparkling goodness and her delightfully leggy assistant Harriet, aka Harry Clayton Wright put on a show to wow and entertain their crowd with the the best audience participation we’ve ever seen.

Using only a few cardboard boxes for props, and Harriet’s black leather hot pants for added sex appeal, the crowd was left screaming for more. As Miss Behave herself said, “If less is more, then f*ck all is everything!”

Miss Behave’s Gameshow

We were invited to see her penultimate show last week, and on arrival were divided into teams by our smart phones – iPhones and everyone else. And this is how the audience remained, divided and fighting for points and the attention of Miss Behave and her tequila the whole night through!

However, it wasn’t only about participating in games and bribing our hosts for points, the show was also peppered with what Miss Behave calls her “treats”, a selection of her favourite cabaret acts, which included a hula hoop cameo from the hit boylesque show Briefs, a comedy act with song lyrics that could not possibly have been funnier, and the final guests of the night – the thrillingly nude ballet performance of the Two Ronnies – left us all in a hailstorm of applause, and not at all because our team will get a point if we appreciate them the most. Of course, we can’t forget that Harriet herself also stole the stage and shook her tail feather, all Maddie-Ziegler-in-skin-tone-underwear style. It was captivating, to say the very least!

In the end we were all proudly embarrassed by what we’d had to do to get our points on the board, even if the iPhones did win. Our social media accounts had been used to excess, our selfie habit indulged, and we were rolling about on stage throwing balls and shredder confetti at anyone and everyone.
Be at the London Wonderground this Friday 25th of September to catch Miss Behave’s Gameshow for the final of her three shows on the Southbank this season! Tickets available through www.londonwonderground.co.uk
Article by J R Manawa

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