Batman Vs Superman: The Dusk before Dawn

Each and every trailer we see we get a little peak more. At first we wanted to know if Superman Bleeds. Now with the latest trailer from the 2016 Superbowl we see that it is Superman who has Batman held captive. There has been a lot of speculation as to what the story was going to be, but here is what we know…


After seeing the devastation of Superman’s power the world fears what might be if he is left unchecked. Batman takes it upon himself to be the one to try and beat the hell out of this God. This opens up an opportunity for Lex Luthor to create an greater threat than both of them combine. Never the less they decided the best course of action is to take it with a little girl power in the form of Wonder Woman.


Everything points to this being one epic battle between good, evil and the fine line between. Already the cinematography looks amazing and the little nods to the comics and previous stories make this an un-missable film.

DAWN OF JUSTICE is released in cinemas 25 March 2016

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