Extraction Review

Seeing his mother brutally murdered in front of him Henry Turner (Kellan Lutz) grows up wanting nothing more than to follow in his father’s footsteps and to become a CIA agent. But after his 4th rejection from being allowed to join the action he decides going rouge is the only way he can save his father from terrorists.


I know what you are thinking, Bruce Willis in another action film. Extraction is an interesting addition to his catalogue of films one of only three films that he worked on in 2015. This might seem a lot for the almost 61 year old but for only having a small portion of screen time could this be a sign of Willis slowing down? I am still a fan of the man himself just I think this could be the start of a very slow end. I say this as he is the stand out actor in Extraction, portraying some skills in an action film but mostly just spending his screen time sitting down.

Of course there is a whole team of actors in this film, but I’m not too sure if you noticed. Kellan Lutz (Tarzan, Twilight Saga) for example, playing the lead and rouge agent Henry Turner, does surprisingly well considering his previous role. Yes by this I am referring to his dazzling role in the Twilight Saga. Here we see him put to more use than just standing looking pretty, and he does this bloody well. Lutz makes a kick ass, emotionally damaged, young buck. Matched up with Gina Carano (Deadpool) as his ex-flame Victoria. Carano is making quite the name for herself as someone not to be messed with especially as a bit of a bad ass. Not a bad pairing at all really both as fighters and with the dialogue.


Unfortunately this level of acting was maintained through the whole cast, some of the more minimal actors delivered lines that were so blank, it would be impossible for these people to work in anything except government agencies, if you have ever phone the DVLA or a London Council you will know what I mean. At least the background actors and skaters had some skill but this was so much more pleasing to watch it was slightly distracting at times.

Another thing that bugs me during films is when dialogue is used to explicitly inform you of exactly what is happening. We do have intelligence and we can read between the lines, especially when reveals the twist 1/3 of the way through the film. If I’m brutally honest this is not the most complex plot to be simplifying and it opened a butt tone of questions like why was the goon coming out of the toilet holding his gun ready to fight? Combine this with some of the poor acting and I can only conclude that the majority of the budget for this film was spent on getting some of the bigger names involved in this film.

Despite these flaws, this is an action film and does contain all the trademark signs: murky warehouses, high speed car chases and rapid fight scenes including the mandatory toilet fight. And when it comes down to it isn’t that what we want for an action film? To see someone get shot in the leg with a tranquiliser and hear the sinister whistle of a lullaby? Probably the best way to look at this film is like a bag of chocolate peanuts and raisons: no-one really like chocolate raisons but we still eat them because they are something different to the peanuts and we still get the chocolate around them. That makes them better right?

Extraction is out on DVD & Blu-Ray 14th March 2016.

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