Sausage Party’s new trailer

Probably the most questionable of all films that you will hear about all year to be featured on the big screen, Sausage Party’s new trailer has me hungry for more.

Its a Sausage Party

If the title for this film wasn’t hinting enough the highly suggestive first images will let you know that Sausage Party is an adult animation. Based around the idea that food are waiting to be bought and taken home although what they find when they get there is a massacre. After seeing skin being peeled off and baby carrots slaughtered a bunch of produce decide they must let the rest of the world know.

based on the newly released Red-Band trailer not only is this trailer egg-streamly funny and en-rice-ing, but the cast are a collection of some of the greatest line ups I have seen for a long while. The only thing that could make this any better would be one of the greats: Sir Ian McKellen, Jack Nicholson or even Danny DiVeto.

Sausage Party is due to be released later this year. #SausagePartyMovie

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