Eddie the Eagle

A laugh out loud retelling of a unique story that could only have come out of British history.


For those of us that were around in the 80’s, the 1988 Winter Olympics had us glued to to the family TV watching the only British ski jumper compete in Calgary. Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards was the ultimate 80’s unlikely hero, and the¬†film really does justice to his ‘against all odds’ success story.

Taron Egerton pulls off Edwards’ look perfectly, right down to the trademark ‘tache & glasses. But even better than that, he completely captures the determination of a man who just wouldn’t give up and wouldn’t stop chasing a life long dream. Let’s not forget he had support from the effortlessly cool Hugh Jackman in the role of reluctant coach Peary too.


You’d have trouble not getting a slight adrenaline rush whilst watching the emotional ski-jump that is Eddie Edwards fairytale story come true; there is pain, joy and pride all set to a perfect soundtrack – listen out for the near perfect use of Frankie goes to Hollywood classic ‘Two tribes’ and Brit Winter Olympics favourite ‘Bolero’.

Director Dexter Fletcher, under Vaughn Productions successfully manages to whisk us back in time and show us a glimpse of why it was so utterly amazing that Eddie even got to the winter olympics in the first place. Done with total respect and a cheeky dose of comedy, it is a total nod to the fun loving man himself and an enjoyable watch for those new to and those more familiar with his story alike.


A ‘still not sure how he escaped death!’ 4 stars from me

Eddie the Eagle Movie is released on March 28th.

Written Helen Cassidy

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