The Udderbelly Festival returns to the South Bank

Yes, the giant purple cow.


This year when the Udderbelly Festival pops up on the Southbank on April 7th, we’ll be treated to the usual host of kinky, fabulous and sometimes-family-suitable fun that we’ve come to expect. In a surprise move, the upturned purple cow has even teamed up with the Hilton Hotels and Restorts! We’re all keen to see what luxurious surprises this coalition will bring.


Remember Pitch Perfect? Well this summer the Udderbelly’s headline shows include legendary acapella and beatbox experience, Gobsmacked. Aca-scuse-me? Yes, beat box and acapella, headlining in London after mega successful runs in both Hong Kong and Edinburgh. We’re all curious. They are joined by Circa who always bring the best in circus performance and this summer will see the premiere of their new show Closer, commissioned especially for the Udderbelly.



There will be the usual run of comedians and laugh out loud entertainers in the form of Andy Zaltzman, Nina Conti, Paul Zerdin and Reg D. Hunter. We can’t wait to be graced by the presence of Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho, and everyone should be looking forward to great performances like Wi-Fi Wars, Adam Buxton’s Best of BUG, Austentatious and QI Elves’ No Such Thing As A Fish Live. We’re also pretty excited about our regular favourites, Frisky & Mannish, and the wildly entertaining Sh*t-faced Shakespeare.



I did mention family entertainment – the Udderbelly is a great place to bring the kids for a meal and a fun atmosphere on a weekend afternoon (or hey, maybe even on a school night once the clocks go back and we being to remember what daylight looks like), but there are also some great family entertainers. The Amazing Bubble Man, Showstoppers, Bec & Tom, The Noise Next door, Shlomo, Brainiac Live, and even the Comedy Club 4 Kids!



No matter what realm of entertainment pleases you, the giant purple cow always has something great to offer. It’s also highly recommended by us – and let’s face it, anyone who has been before – that the pasture around the cow is also a great place to hang out when the weather holds, we love the street food booths, the bars, and the masses of outdoor seating. There’s always a friendly party atmosphere going down that makes the warm, or not-so-warm, London summer evenings feel just a little bit magical.


The Udderbelly festival runs from April 7th through to July 17th. For tickets and more info, see, @UdderbellyFest  or


Written by J R Manama

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