Suicide Squad, Who are they up against?

Warner Bros have given us yet another sneak peak of the upcoming DC film Suicide Squad. Still not alluding too much to the actual story line the new trailer adds You Don’t Own Me and Ballroom Blitz to Bohemian Rhapsody and I Started a Joke featured in previous teasers.

Although nothing is said explicitly there are a few good facts we know and a few things I would guess. Obviously the main focus is on Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Enchantress and Deadshot. We know that Joker is also featured and there have been a couple of scenes of the Dark Knight himself makes his presents known. Although the latest trailer is including more of everyone I expect it will be Deadshot who will take the lead of the group. Yes there is Captain Boomerang in the group but I’m sure that, if the mission does fail, no body really wants this coming back to them!

Ben Affleck is credited as Batman which makes me wonder how much he is going to be included. My hope is that it is a short cameo involving the capture of one of the villains, possibly Harley Quinn as we have been shown clips of Quinn and Joker in the car together as well as clips of Batman on the car so this could make sense.Currently I think this is all it needs and any further intrusion into a film about super-villians would be unnecessary but at the moment we don’t know who these guys are up against yet.


I don’t think it will be the Joker but he will definitely get involved. Just as Batman vs. Superman was about Batman vs. Superman, Lex Luther decided to butt in because why the heck not. In the same way I think that after the team have been approved and training is completed they will face off with someone powerful but ultimately insignificant. The ‘twist’ would be that Joker wants his Harley Quinn back and how does he do this? By having fun and interfering with the governments plan.


Of course most of this is speculation as nothing official has been announced yet except that Suicide Squad will be in cinemas on the 5th of August.



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