Real Life Jungle Book with Tim Shieff

Following the release of Disney’s Jungle Book, Parkour professional Tim Shieff and other top experts in London came down to the South Bank to showcase and teach everyone how to get involved!

King Louis may have wanted to walk and talk like man, but last weekend hundreds of people stopped to watch Parkour Experts Tim Shieff, Harry Gallagher, Daniel Alabama and up and coming Robbie Griffiths jump, swing and hang like the king.

In an exclusive interview Shieff told us how he developed his own love of movement through break dancing and to parkour after following his dreams and encouraging those who want to join in to find inspiration in anything around them. To encourage this further, children and adults alike were offered the opportunity to give it a go too on specially constructed courses through out the weekend. On site were other members of Team Kinetix offing a hand to anyone who wanted to jump in and give it a go.

This an entreating weekend for those participating or just spectating.

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