Charlie Rhymes debut single: A brilliant, cold-blooded killer of a track

There is something about calling a song “Cold Blooded” that tells us we will automatically like it. When Charlie Rhyme’s EP landed on our editorial desk, that was the track we wanted to hear, and it didn’t disappoint.

Fast forward to Rhyme’s debut release, and it’s no surprise that Cold Blooded was the track of choice, and we are proud to say we picked it from the start. Officially released this month, Cold Blooded is a killer track, and you should definitely jump on the fast-growing bandwagon of YouTube hits and take the tune for a spin yourself.

Musically the sound is both fresh and heavy—like smashing blocks of ice with a sledge hammer inside a morgue refrigerator. It’s chilling and brilliant. The live drums and synthesised arrangement are a collision of forces that Rhyme’s has knitted together so seamlessly that the music tells a cold-blooded tale all by itself. Ice it with the excellently written lyrics that we know Rhyme’s consistently delivers, and you have a track that will make people sit up and listen. His collaboration with producer Shaun Davison has done him well, and we know he has some exciting new collaborations ahead of him this year as well. Watch this space!

But Rhyme’s hasn’t just been focused on his own work, he’s also teamed up with The Qemists on their latest album, Warrior Sound, appearing on the rather addictive track “Push the line”. Also well worth the listen, as we never use the word addictive lightly. Drum & bass buffs should not miss it.

With a newly formed band behind him adding powerful and raw edge to his tracks, a fresh music video up on YouTube, and a line up of singles to come over the next couple of months, we know he’s only just getting started!

And might we add, Mr. Rhymes, there is still something so cold blooded about that “F**k me eyes” line that we just can’t get enough of…!


Written by @JRManawa

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