Miss Polly Rae’s Sumptuous Boudoir at the London Wonderground

So when your friend asks you to step in for her and review a burlesque show…… what do you say? Well I cannot tell you how pleased I am I said yes! Miss Polly Rae put on a spectacular line up that had me laughing, amazed, thrilled and excited all within the space of one and a half hours. The acts lived up to every recommendation; the art of tease is alive and well and comfortably nestling in the sumptuous boudoir of London Wonderground.

Miss Polly Rae and her ponies

Miss Polly warmed us up with a sultry opening number surrounded by her carefully selected entourage, pouring the lyrics of Madonna’s ‘Erotic’ over us rather like you would expect cream to be poured over fresh, ripe strawberries, waking the senses up in anticipation of what was coming next.

The rest of the evening swept us from one emotion to another; aerial acrobatics that spiked the adrenaline, striptease to excite, and pyrotechnics enough to wake the deepest desires of even the coolest of hearts…. thank you Kitty Bang Bang.

There were comic interventions from Frisky MaVage and the rather delightful personal assistant of Miss Polly, Lily Snatchdragon.

I have to say my night was rather brought to a sensual climax with a beautiful dance routine from Miles and Tommy to the very emotionally charged ‘Two men in love‘ by The Irrepressibles (one of my personal favourites). The whole evening left the audience with an afterglow that would certainly have you returning to Miss Polly Rae’s boudoir for more.

Find Miss Polly Rae in her boudoir at the London Wonderground on Thursday nights, 21st July, 4th, 18th and 25th of August, and 8th of September. Tickets through http://www.londonwonderground.co.uk

Out with a bang, Kitty Bang Bang, that is!

Written by Helen Cassidy

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