Keanu Review


When a kitten replaces his heartache, Rell Williams is more than determined to get it back, the only problem is it was stolen by drug dealers and he is has no idea about anything more than Paracetamol. So instead they pose as ruthless out-of-town mercenaries, just for the weekend.


I preface this by saying I had no idea who Kay and Peele were or anything about their type of comedy. After watching it I have gone back to watch anything I can find and it is by far one of the funniest they have created. Looking back after the credits, realising they also played the out-of-town mercenaries made this film even more exciting.

As you would guess there are several references to a particular actor who may or may not be closely linked to “Reanu Keeves”, who I hope has seen this and approves! Included in this are slow motion back flips and bullet shells galore, the action scenes it makes it more than just an extended cat video from youtube, although saying that to see a bandana on a cat will make anyone smile.13083197_1255718257789265_3956389719005248108_n

Added to this is the amazing sound track and one of the most insane trips I have seen. If you can sit through listening to ‘Faith’ by George Michael without wanting to wiggle even the slightest bit then this is not the film for you. If, on the other hand, this thought excited you then this film will give you nothing but pleasure.


I am not saying this is a perfect film, it does have elements of a standard love story. There are moments where I wondered what the fcuk I was watching but for every other moment of fun it’s definitely worth it.

Keanu features the awkward humour of Kay and Peele, this ludicrous adventure is one of the most stupidly funny films since Harold and Kuma first got the munchies! Although not quite the family film with scenes of strip clubs and shots to the face but it definitely is one for a rainy day with your friends. The best part about this film is most definitely Keanu himself, the internet will go crazy for this little G!

KEANU hits UK cinemas on Friday 15th July

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