Triple 9 Review


Full time cop and part time criminal Marcus Belmont and ex-military Michael Atwood are forced to pull of an almost impossible heist orchestrated by the Russian mob. Lines become even more blurred when they work out the only way it will happen if to create a 999: officer down.


The best way to know how to pull of one of the most intense heists is to know how to catch those who get fcuk up. Triple 9 is one of the better examples in film, especially as it doesn’t only focus on just catching the criminals, it develops into a fight of wrong and right inside each one. Eventually this results in an intense final show down and last man standing.

The cast are incredible and they have the nominations to prove it! Anthony Mackie and Casey Affleck playing the two lead roles, Marcus Belmont and Chris Allen. These guys are both fighting for what they love and don’t give off anything less. Supported by Woody Harrleson, Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus I wonder how a film like this seemed to only get the noticed at the Academy Awards and not so much at the box office.

There is defiantly a moment when I looked back at the film and thought sh!t, that was Kate Winslet??? I don’t know how to feel about that. She won our hearts as Kate in Titanic, drove me crazy in Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind and I didn’t even notice it was her for almost 2 hours!


The biggest let down here is the story and lack of consistency throughout. The film and the trailer both start off with a bang, literally: one of the best bank robberies in recent films, unfortunately it doesn’t follow through. There are quite a few surprise moments, one in particular that might be a spoiler for TWD, but apart from these it’s not until the final moments of the film did I really sit back up and feel too much emotion towards any part of the film.

Personally this is a film that has so many great elements but unfortunately I don’t think you would miss much if you disappeared for a few minutes in the middle, but definitely do come back! No one is breaking bad but they did learn a few things that would be reminiscent of WW.



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