Ice Age: Collision Course review

Sid, Diago and Manny are back and this time they are faced with an asteroid on a collision course with earth and threatened the destruction of the whole world. So with the help of Buck and the ever determined Scratch, they set out to find a way to save every species.


Anyone who is familiar with the franchise will know that any and all ice age film start with the furry little Scratch and his utter determination to get an acorn. Collision course is no different: after Scratch accident sets off a chain of events resulting in a large asteroid heading towards earth the herd make it their duty to stop it from wiping out life as they know it. Whilst trying to deal with the the end of his world, Manny also is faced with his daughter, Peaches, growing up and leaving him for her husband to be: Julian.


These films are greatly loved by everyone and they always include amazing casts. New to the film is Julian who is voiced by Adam DeVine (known for Pitch Perfect) who must have given the perfect pitch to join Jessie J, Jennifer Lopez and the great Neil DeGrasse Tyson who breaks down the science behind the cosmos.


The most difficult part about this film is the length. The majority of the laughs shared by adults and kids was due to the slap stick comedy at the start and end. The rest of the 2 hours was only filled with the odd giggle (from adults due to the more suggestive jokes).


Ice age collision course is a nice new addition to the herds adventures. For those coming back to the franchise after all of this time will appreciate the quality of the animation. Those who are new will probably over look this and just enjoy the emotional ride.

In Cinemas NOW

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