SDCC 2016: Day 2 Panels from the Hallowed House of Hall H

So Friday was day two of The Con but it was the first day of some major panels from our favourite shows inside the legendary Hall H. Here is an overview of what went down on Day 2 of San Diego Comic-Con 2016:

Con-Man Season 2 Confirmed

Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle, Slither) and Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Tucker and Dale v Evil, A Knights Tale) took to the stage first thing to discuss Tudyk’s comedy series Con-Man. They sketched out the story arc for season 2, apparently it will include an Of Mice and Men musical, starring everyone’s favourite 70s Hulk Lou Ferrigno, an ongoing feud with the “lost” Hemsworth brother and the battle to get a Spectrum movie made. They also introduced the Spectrum digital comic and the Con-Man game which will be available to download from next month. Some seriously exciting stuff coming up from these guys. If you haven’t seen Con-Man I highly recommend it.

Check out the trailer for Series One below:


Fear The Walking Dead returns 21st August

Nothing much to report from the FWD lot. The series 2 trailer was previewed ahead of the panel. All the key cast members were in attendance discussing how they feel their characters are going to be moving forward in the coming series. They did how ever seem to be rather excited about their principle filming location being moved to Tijuana. What more could you want to survive the apocalypse than sun, sea, cocktails and zombies.

Sounds like it could be an interesting Series Two.Untitled


The Walking Dead – THERE’S A MOTHERF*****G TIGER?

Yes, the trailer for Series 7 of The Walking Dead was screened and oh my god it looks like we are in for one hell of a ride. The most awesome part of the trailer….King Ezekiel and his big ass Tiger. Greg Nicotero, who is confirmed to be directing the Season Premier, has said that they will expand the show and introduce more new communities (presumably The Kingdom will be one of them) and did hint at some non human characters as well, though he left it at that (pretty sure that means the Tiger is going to play a decent role). Jeffrey Dean Morgan did walk on to the stage wielding his beloved Lucille and regardless of what you may have heard on the web, they did not spoil the cliff hanger ending at the end of the last series. So for now we are still left to fan theories online till the next series. We did get a fair bit of behind the scenes footage the ongoing prank feud between Reedus and Lincoln involving the air-con in Lincoln’s car and a lot of glitter. Lincoln tried to get his own back at the panel…it didn’t work out.

The Walking Dead Returns on the 23rd October.

Check out the official San Diego Comic-Con trailer for Season 7 below:


Game of Thrones – More murder and death on the horizon

 Very limited details were forthcoming from the cast regarding series 7 of George R.R. Martin’s smash hit series. Due to needing trees with far less leaves on them, filming has begun late. Apparently tree’s in full bloom isn’t exactly the look they were going for when they envision winter in Westeros. Also we can expect to have fewer episodes this season, not much reasoning as to why so let’s just assume that it is because they hate us and want us to suffer. The cast though were happy to discuss who they think could take the Iron throne, with answers ranging from Daenerys to a White Walker. Sophie Turner thinks it should be Little Finger, Kristian Nairn think Brienne would make an amazing Queen and the Bastard of Bolton advocates for melting down the throne and installing a Democracy. What we can say for certain, is that the next series will be very different from the books.


The Man, The Legend, The Whedon


Joss Whedon took to the main stage on his lonesome mostly to take questions from the thousands of fans that had amassed just to hear him speak. Before taking questions from the horde of Whedonites, he did explain why he had been off the radar for a while, putting it down to having had bit of a break down. He quickly picked up the pace and had the crowd laughing at his every word. He went on to say that he had threatened to make the Dr Horrible sequel a prequel, just to force all the actors to go to the gym, what a bastard.

He also announced that he is writing a script, which should be completed in a couple of months. The plot does sound suspiciously like that of the old timey comic book he’s meant to be developing called Twist. He didn’t give a title so we are only guessing at that. Finally before taking questions, he  did reveal that Buffy and Angel would be returning to DC Comics but there would be no Angel and Faith (sad face).


Well there you go folks. A short snippet into all the big panels of Day 2 from SDCC. Hopefully will have some more juicey gossip and big reveals to bring you from the hallowed ground of Hall H.

My thanks to my fellow nerds Phil and Rose for keeping me posted on details from panels I missed (Rose was rather disappointed that when she asked Mr Whedon a question, he didn’t notice her Dana costume…she’s a bit miffed at him for that).

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Article by: James Randall-Coath

Sources: Phil Smith & Rose McGinley-Redon

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