Transformers: The Last Knight Billboard Art Released

The first artwork for Michael Bay’s fifth installment of the Transformers Franchise has landed and so far, it’s not giving much away, though Optimus Prime wielding a badass looking sword gives me hope for maybe Dino-bot riding awesomeness.


The plot for the film is still being kept under wraps, with IMDB still stating “Plot unknown”. All we have so far is the cast list and the artwork.

Wahlberg is returning as Cade Yeager as well as Josh Duhamel’s Lt. Colonel Lennox. Anthony Hopkins is the surprise addition to the cast with an as yet unknown role, (personally, I kind of hope he is playing Unicron). All the usual Autobots and Decepticons are returning with the addition of new characters for each side. So far all remains a mystery but with the film not due out till summer next year, I am sure we are in for a few treats before this year is out.


Transformers: The Last Knight is due for release 23rd June 2017


Written by James Randall-Coath

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