Sensational, sexy and stupendously stimulating : Briefs returns to the London Wonderground

Sensational, sexy and stupendously stimulating, my first time seeing the smash hit Boylesque show Briefs at the London Wonderground was an absolute blast! We had the time of our lives being entertained by Shivannah and the @BriefsFactory boys.

In fact, I haven’t had my spirits lifted so high, laughed so hard, or been wowed, amazed, and turned on so much ever in one single evening! (And yes I did just fit all that in one sentence!)


Our host, Shivannah, the sexiest bearded ‘trannie’ this side of anywhere, had us off to a scintillating start with her dry wit, cheeky banter and stunning outfits, heralding in a warm London evening of burlesque, cabaret and circus prowess. I say prowess because I’ve never seen an aerial hoop performance as en pointe as the opening solo act of briefs. Flexibile much? Embarrassed to say it, but girls don’t do anywhere near so well! And he wasn’t the only one wowing our socks off — how does someone throw solving a rubiks cube puzzle into a burlesque routine. Sexy geek at a whole new level.

I’ve previously seen boylesque hero and Vegas-crowned King of Burlesque Captain Kidd in other guest appearances, so to finally see him in full force with the Briefs boys was a both a terrifying and pleasurable experience! I have to say although I was in hysterics I had to take a sideways glance at the friend I’d brought after the infamous climax of the “Hookers ’n’ Hounds” act to make sure she was still alive…Crufts ain’t got nothing on the Briefs boys, and the pooches were in fine form.


The chaos and hyper high level energy continues right the way through every number with hot cyber punk dance routines, the best Vegas fan dance ever, hula hoops, a wet-wet-wet martini glass experience that would make Dita Von Tease wild with jealousy, magic tricks and even a couple of surprisingly intimate moments involving a banana. Don’t let your imagination run away with you there. It might not be what you think…

Being a believer in the power of the arts to communicate on a deeper level with the human soul, I thoroughly appreciated our host Shivannah’s sequin catsuit fuelled final appearance in which she commented with some humour on the state of the world at current and how shows like Briefs are more relevant that ever, not only for escapism, but for the chance to laugh and smile in a moment of genuine happiness when the world seems to be falling to pieces around us.

We rounded out the evening by dancing the boys off stage to perhaps the most raucous applause I’ve witnessed on London’s cabaret scene. With out a moments pause I’d say this is the kind of show you will want to see again and again. I know I will be returning!

ps Buy a raffle ticket. It’s worth the odds.

Briefs runs through until the 24th of September at the London Wonderground. Get your tickets while you can at


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