Deepwater Horizon Review and Official Trailer

Deepwater Horizon follows the 12 hours prior to the worlds largest oil rigs’ frightful disaster in the Mexican Gulf. Filled with breath taking action and the tension in between, this real life story follows those who caused such a horrific disaster and those brave enough to make the decisions that saved so many.

Deepwater Horizon

Back in 2010 a BP leased an oilrig to dig the worlds deeps well in history. Behind on time and strapped for cash the decision to ‘cut a few corners’ was made by Donald Vidrine (John Malkovich). A decision that caused a blow out. 126 crew were on board, 115 survived. Deepwater Horizon burnt for 2 days before sinking.


I don’t blame Mark Wahlberg for casting himself, Mike Williams obviously had no objections either. Wahlberg is one of the few that I find can be both heroic and sensitive to the character, which is exactly what was needed. Mike Williams is a true real life hero, volunteering to go back into what was a hugely unpredictable and dangerous situation. Supported by Kurt Russell who played Jimmy Harrell, the captain of the vessel, together they did unimaginable. Conversely, Donal Vidrine endangered the lives of so many so willingly and I throw huge respect to Malkovich for accepting and portraying a individual that Malkovich has made me despise with a passion.


Obviously they were not alone in creating this, their fellow actors and actress’: Dylan O’Brien, Kate Hudson, Gina Rodriguez and Ethan Suplee to name a few, but a lot of the emotion comes from the writing. Not only did I learn how they drill for oil but at no point did I feel that the any part of the films appeal was forced: the fear, the love, and the courage. Too many times a protagonist will leave a room just after saying a cliché line and wait for it to sink in (no pun intended). It probably helps that director Peter Berg and Wahlberg appears to keep to the truth behind the events that took place.

Deepwater Horizon

The only thing that I will offer as criticism (and I do feel slightly bad about criticising this film as overall it is truly incredible) is that the ‘dinosaur tooth’ that Mike was taking back for his daughter hugely resembled a certain raptor claw from a certain park of the Jurassic era. I’m no archaeology expert but the two seem similar, which again is a good thing for them, they seem to have it accurate to a Spielberg film.
Forgetting inconsequential nit-picking Deepwater Horizon is an incredible film. It is disappointing that it has only been nominated and one award so far (it deserves far more) but I would place it as one of my must see films this year and highly recommend it as date material. Not only does it say lots about the those in making the film but also those who were directly affected by the disaster.


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