Bear Grylls LIVE in his own action packed, high-flying, arena spectacular!

When they say that Bear Grylls’ brand new show “Endeavour” is a live-action arena spectacular, they’re not kidding.

Endeavour is a thrilling, action packed and high flying experience with a stage set that will wow the socks off you. Bear Grylls has partnered with Land Rover to bring us the biggest and best arena show this season.

Endeavour leaves young and old alike both shocked and impressed by the enthusiasm and storytelling prowess that we’ve come to know and love from Bear, and by the genuine tales of human endeavour that he shares. There is something uniquely personal about having the opportunity to hear from him first hand, we feel connected and linked in, captivated at every turn.

Bear is joined on stage by a young surprise guest for the Apollo 13 highlight moment

You’ll learn all about making heel-fat sandwiches, starting fire in the rain, and the taste of goat’s testicles. You’ll discover what happens to a human body when climbing Everest and what you would have to eat to survive ten weeks lost at the North Pole. It’s a show that will entertain and captivate all audiences, but in particular I would recommend you get your 8 – 14 year old mud and gunk loving kids down to see this one, it’s a perfect evening out for the family. And there are several opportunities for audience participation, but don’t worry, you won’t be eating goat body parts.

“Worst thing I’ve ever eaten? Well….there was this one time….”

Aside from all the big wows and bangs and the spectacular element of the show, we have to admit that it really is the down to earth, exuberant personality of Bear who makes a show like this work. The way he speaks of these indomitable feats of human endeavour, the importance of human kindness, and how it is our ability to love and care for one another that can change the world, this is the impact we are left with.

And you know what? It’s likely the most important message our kids need to hear in this day and age.

Head to for up coming tour dates across the UK!

Watch out for our favourite photos from the live show, coming soon!


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