Dreaming into reality. A gothic word.

This side of darkness

I have pretty vivid imagination, we all know that. I can dream things into existence in infinite detail just to create a world my mind can wander around within and explore.

Elaborate landscapes in which my soul can dance.

At inception, I create lands that only God can see, lands that he alone can walk beside me in. When I pull those lands into reality, dragging them from my mind and onto the written page, I’m opening a door for you. A rabbit hole, a wardrobe, a looking glass, a lamp… Imaginary worlds, mighty adversaries and battles of true valour all translate into word pictures beautifully. But what happens when I dream into reality something I dare not ask for? I can pull whole worlds into existence, yet like the rest of us, I’m too fearful to dream for my own future.

Why? Because there was point in my life where the Legend of the…

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