Introduction Into the world of ‘SHU’

 Shu is a beautiful and engrossing platformer that we’re bringing to PC and consoles
with our friends at Secret Lunch. Control Shu and a colourful trail of hand-drawn characters as they run, jump and glide their way up an ancient mountain, forever pursued by a monstrous and unrelenting storm.Can you outrun the end of the world?
As soon as I Loaded the game the music grabbed my attention so much was going on,
while looking at the story that was being shown for the game play the music brought it to life. Gave it excitement and just made me feel part of the game itself. The art work i found to be simple but full of imagination just brilliant use of lovable characters that just looked wonderful.
While playing the game I found there to be many secret collectibles so the game was
not to be rushed but more to be explored. While collecting these lovely butterflies that make a nice chime sound when collected. They gave you a purpose to collect points. While also looking for these very cute and I mean adorable creatures they call Babbies for which you need to rescue.
Some levels make it harder to take your time such as being chased down by a wheel, it
gave me a vast amount of nostalgia as I felt I was taken back to Rayman while jumping
and catching chimes, and getting to check points. While Shu has no enemies to fight in the game there so much more to do to make it feel alive there never a chance to take a rest, The game not once becomes boring as you travel thorough different levels and help your friends which in return give you abilities such as Double Jumping, Slowing down time which I thought was awesome this kept the game alive and full of life.
The Game play was in my eyes perfect was very smooth no glitches from the very start
to the very end of the game, It has so much great amazing art work to be looked at it
just dazzled me it made me want to explore deeper into the game as much as I could.
When I first started I thought the game looked very easy but found out that it can be
very challenging I really did find it very fun to play.
My overall review is that it was a perfect game the only thing that I felt was bad is that I felt the game was too short. I found that going for speed runs helps it give it more of a tournament feel to it. I feel that this platform game has a great way to engage adults and children at the same time which is really good to have in a game. With out giving any spoilers away the ending was just immense using all what you learnt through out the game you use in the final scene, remembering what the animations do try to make you succeed. What a thrill such a roller coaster ride just felt a lot of excitement throughout the whole gam.
Coming to PS4, PS Vita & Steam
By karim kazz

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