Hello London! Winter Wonderland has landed!

And just in time to celebrate it’s tenth festive outing in Hyde Park, and bigger and better than ever before!

Londoners just can’t get enough enough of Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. Perhaps because the Wonderland gives a magical taste of what we dreamed a white Christmas should look like in all its perfect form, with sparkling festive lights, warm log fires, daintily iced gingerbread and happiness all round. Throw in some epic fun fair rides and we’re all happy as Larry. The Europeans sure got it right, and let’s hope this isn’t a tradition we’ll lose thanks to Brexit.

Open to the public for the first time last night, this weekend is set to be a big one, with the park seeing more visitors in its brief instalment between Nov 18 – Jan 3 than many major London attractions see the entire year. On most weekend nights, Winter Wonderland will churn through 500 thousand happy revellers, eager to grab a stein of beer or a mug of mulled wine and join in the family friendly fun.


We think that may be the secret, right there, the simple fact that Winter Wonderland is for everyone, not matter what age, race, gender or persuasion, you will be sure to get your fill of enjoyment from the evening and have the cockles of your heart well and truly warmed.

Our advice, dress warm, because you will spend the evening outdoors (an outdoor winter evening in London you say? Yes!) and you’ll love it, so long as you come prepared and have patience in dealing with large quantities of other enthusiastic Londoners. Wear wellies, or shoes you don’t mind trashing, and prepare for the crush, the simple fact of the matter is that everyone loves Winter Wonderland.


As for rides, there are some great new additions this year, our absolute favourite hailing from Germany (of course) the Munich Looping Roller Coaster is 100% sure to be the favourite ride of the season, and the most impressive coaster London has seen by a country mile. In fact, it is the LARGEST portable Roller Coaster in the WORLD! With five, epic, olympic themed loops and possibly the smoothest ride we’ve ever had on Roller Coaster of this sheer size, it’s clear Anton Schwarzkopf who designed it got the physics just right (we can thank the Germans for their engineering prowess). We recommend you get a ticket while you can! Firm favourite attractions, the Waltzer, Ice Mountain, the Helter Skelter, Dodgems, the Ice Rink, the Ferris Wheel over London, the Magical Ice Kingdom, Wilde Maus XXL Roller Coaster, the Haunted Mansion Ghost Train, and many, many others are also in their usual residence. You can also see The Nutcracker On Ice, and go to Zippo’s Mega Dome Circus!

For those of you with a genuine interest in this beautiful legacy of Amusement Rides and Fun Fair traditions, or if you are keen to see where all the rides hail from this year, take a peek at the list on the bottom of the page! Borrowed from the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Unofficial fan page, you could even consider using it as a checklist to make sure you’ve hit all the right spots over your visit! For all the best updates and insider news, we do recommend you pop by their Facebook page to follow the festive madness!


The selection of food and shopping experiences on offer get bigger and better every year, as does the sheer size of the Oktoberfest-style beer tent, with enough beer steins, bratwurst stands and pretzel ovens to make anyone question whether they were still in London or not!

In short, make sure you plan a visit to Winter Wonderland this festive season, if it hasn’t already, it will be sure to become a tradition! To find out more, plan your visit, and book ahead of the crowds, go to www.hydeparkwinterwonderland.com

written by JR Manawa, experiencing Winter Wonderland on preview night as a guest of Winter Wonderland’s biggest fan, the @hydeparkwinterwonderlandunofficial Facebook group! 
All photos are courtesy of the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Press team, thank you!


Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Ride & Attraction list 2016

** Denotes new for 2016


Angels Christmas Market

Angles Market – Angels Events Experience Ltd
Himmelsturmer Rope Ladder – David Kohlert (Germany)
Jagerwald Cafe Bar – Event Promotion (Germany)
Christmas Tree Licensed Bar – GB Event Group (Germany)

Irvin’s Traditional Fun Fair

Helter Skelter Lighthouse Slip/Side Show – George Irvin
(Christmas) Gallopers – George Irvin
Waltzer – James Irvin
Dodgems – George Irvin Jnr
Ferris Wheel – Michael A Price**
Wavesewinger – Michael A Price**
Alice In Wonderland Cups & Saucers – John Groom
(Santa’s Workshop) Fantasia Formula – John Groom
Austin Cars – George Irvin Jnr

Alpine Adventure

(Avalanche) Waltzer – William Thurston Jnr
XXL – Jacky Dotremont (Belgium)
Alpine Thriller Roller Coaster – Joseph Manning Jnr & William Thurston Snr
(Sno-Drifters) Dodgems – Joseph Manning Jnr
(Blizzard) Gladiator Turbine –
Buwalda-Kriek (The Netherlands/Germany)
Jumping Jumping Smashing Jump – Willy Ordelman (The Netherlands)**
(Ski Jump) Rock Rage Inversion – Graham Sedgwick
(From Russia With Love) Take Off – Walter Murphy**
Captain Hook Flying Carpet – Alfred Gregory
Cable Car Café – Alfred Gregory
Carousel Rotating Licensed Bar – Joseph Manning Jnr
Firepit Entertainment Area – PWR Events
Luminaire Light Arches – Joseph Manning Jnr
Alpine Adventure Entrance Arch & Catering Units – Alfred Gregory
Fine Foods Cabin Cafe – Joseph Manning Jnr

Ice Rink Area

Ice Rink – PWR Events

Circus Town

Zippo’s Mega Dome Circus – Zippo’s
(Trapeze) No Limit Furiozo – Van Reken (The Netherlands)
(Clown Coaster) Wacky Worm Roller Coaster – Buwalda (The Netherlands)
Flying Jumbos Dumbos – Joseph Manning Jnr
Fire Department Fun House – Willy Ordelman (The Netherlands)**
Flying Circus Samba Balloon – Wesley Gill
Juvenile Waveswinger – Charles Manning
(Circus Town Licensed Bar) Converted Leisureland Arcade – Mark Hedges
Circus Town Entrance Arch & Catering Units – Joseph Manning Jnr

Santa Land

(Xmas) Party Miami – Joseph Manning Jnr**
(Spinning Baubles) Tornado – Joseph Manning Jnr
(Sleigh Ride) Dumbos – Lewis Gess
Toy Factory Giant Fun House – Joseph Manning Jnr
(Santa’s) Spinning Mouse Roller Coaster – Colin Buwalda (The Netherlands)
(Penguin Party) Dodgems – John Bugg
Racing F1 Vortex Roller Coaster – Joseph Manning Jnr
(The Yeti Ride) Dance Crazy Jump & Smile – William Thurston Jnr
North Pole Snake Slip – Joseph Manning Jnr
Ski Jump – Jamie Whiting & Charles Church Jnr
(Toy Cars) Cars Race-O-Rama Juvenile Whip – Joseph Manning Jnr
Santa Land Express Train Ride – Joseph Manning Jnr
Chilly Willy Spinning Penguins – Joseph Manning Jnr
(Santa’s Reindeer Ride) Pony Express – Joseph Manning Jnr
Santa’s Christmas Grotto – Joseph Manning Jnr
Sweet Stall – Alfred Gregory

Arctic Avenue

(Ice Mountain) Crazy Mouse Spinning Mouse Roller Coaster – James Mellors
Star Flyer – James Mellors
Snow Jet 2 Matterhorn – Reinard Van Der Veen (The Netherlands)
North Pole Fun House – Reinard Van Der Veen (The Netherlands)
Air Star Shape – Abie Danter Jnr
Polar Bear Island – Reinard Van Der Veen (The Netherlands)
Arctic Lodge Bar – James Mellors

Main Rides & Attractions In Non Themed Areas

The Magical Ice Kingdom Presents An Arctic Adventure – PWR Events
Bar Ice Licensed Bar – PWR Events
Ice Palace Presents The Nutcracker On Ice – PWR Events
Munich Looping Roller Coaster – Rudolph Barth (Germany) THIS IS OUR FAV!!!
Giant Wheel – James Mellors
(Barrel Of Laughs) Extreme Rotor – David Wallis
(Christmas) Euro Coaster – Colin Buwalda (The Netherlands)
Alpen Hotel Fun House – Edgar & Rene Rasch (Germany)
Hangover Gyro Drop Tower – Ewald Schneider (Germany)
(Winter Wonderland Express) Action Musik Express – Horst Ohlrogge (Germany)
Wilde Maus XXL Roller Coaster – Max Eberhard (Germany)
Haunted Mansion Ghost Train – Johan Hinzen (The Netherlands)
(Santa’s Flying Sleigh) Wacky Worm Roller Coaster – Buwalda (The Netherlands)
Der Grosse Irrgarten Mirror Maze/Fun House – Edgar & Rene Rasch (Germany)
Waveswinger – Chris Danter
(Christmas) American Carousel – Joseph Manning Jnr
Fantasy 2 Tier Carousel – Joseph Manning Jnr
Pirates Adventure Fun House – Michael Schneider (Germany)
Pirate Ship – James Burton
Superspin Experience – Graham Sedgwick
(Ice Wall) Sticky Wall Rotor – Graham Sedgwick

Juveniles In Non Themed Areas

Toyset – Joseph Manning

Cafe Bars/Licensed Bars/Entertainment Areas

Christmas Licensed Bar – GB Events Group (Germany)
King William V Licensed Bar – Skyring (Germany)
Apre Ski Swiss Chalet Restaurant – GB Event Group (Germany) & Mosiman Of London
Bavarian Village, Rotunda & Beer Hall – Patrick Greier (Germany)
Licensed Bar – Patrick Greier (Germany)
Angels Licensed Bar – Event Promotion (Germany)
Bavarian Licensed Bar – Event Promotion (Germany)
House Of St Nicholas Cafe Bar – Ewald Schneider (Germany)
Etagen Cafe 2 Tier Café Bar – Patrick Greier (Germany)
Santa’s Pub Licensed Bar – Horst Ohlrogge (Germany)
Lighthouse Bar & Bratwurst Cafe – Edgar & Rene Rasch (Germany)
Die Pyramide Licensed Cafe Bar – Horst Ohlrogge (Germany)**
The Outpost & Grizzly Inn Entertainment Area – Creative Events
Angels Bar – Event Promotion (Germany)
Hot 74 Licensed Bar – Skyring (Germany)
Luminaire Licensed Bar – Joseph Manning Jnr**
Explorers Rest Licensed Bar – PWR Events**
Street Food Area

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    Not quite so dark any mysterious, but one of my favourite people took me to the VIP opening night of Winter Wonderland and Thursday evening, and seeing as it is a much loved London institution, I reviewed it for Chuckie Vision (Magazine I edit for) and I thought I would share it here too, definitely head down if you are in London over Christmas! My personal recommendation is to get your ass on the Munich Looping Roller Coaster and then head over to the Bavarian village for a hug mug of Vikinger But (yes thats Viking Blood, or Mead as the educated call it)….


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