Christmas shopping the alternative way : London’s Bizarre Bazaar by the Southbank

There is a little place beneath Waterloo Station, a tunnel, some may call it, an odd little haven for the arts and alternative expression. Others know it as Leake Street, graffiti zone, home to the Vans House of London, and the Vaults.

This Christmas, the Bizarre Bazaar has moved into residence in the Vaults, selling all kinds of kooky and unique gifts for your loved ones, from Hannah Adamaszek’s feminine art that also famously decorates the ceiling of Leake Street, to perfectly homemade cupcakes of sparkly goodness, Terrariums for city dwellers missing the charm of a garden (you can even make your own), handmade jewellery from our favourite Lokie Lowe, stunning headresses, and beautiful wands for the magical wizarding need in all of us, and a great little selection of foodie treats from London’s street food markets. It’s a charming market in a unique location just behind the London Eye, hidden away from the hustle of the Southbank; well worth the visit this Saturday!

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