Xander Cage is back, look out!

Xander Cage is back, packing more punch… and he has some new friends. 
The two opening scenes which set the stage for this film made me grateful that I was watching in 3D. It’s the first film in a long time where the 3D brings to life explicit detail you actually want to see, instead of fading to insignificance within 3 seconds, or 4 if you are lucky.
Some pretty nifty direction from D.J Caruso brings a lot of life to the graphic novel characters of Rich Wilkes creation, and there is a hell of a lot of action packed into the 120 minutes of the film, with mind boggling moves from Vin Diesel in his return to the role of the titular Triple xXx original, Xander Cage; so at home in this film and doing exactly what he does best!
He is almost out shone (almost) by Donnie Yen’s new character Xiang, and when it comes to gymnastic martial arts moves Tony Jaa is of course ruling it (yes, I’m totally a closet Ong-Bak fan!) as another newbie, Talon.
This film is packed with new xXx recruits, the girls (Deepika Padukone, Ruby Rose & Nina Dubrov) showing the guys that they can hold their own AND maintain impeccable style at the same time. I wish my hair stayed that good when walking to work, let alone when a Russian SWAT team is trying to kill you and you’re trying to dodge being blown up!
Overall xXx: the return of Xander Cage is packed full of ingredients for an epic night out, laugh out loud comedy, action packed thrills, and while the plot may not keep you guessing, it will keep you engaged and laughing all the way through! And of course, it has Vin Diesel.
…. oh and by the way, if you like a good drinking game you’ll sink enough shots to sink a battle ship if you are up for playing Innuendo Bingo!
Written by @Inlakesh

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