Cadbury’s Hunting Lodge brings the hunt to you!

Imagine being transported to the great Redwood wood in California or Boreal forest in Canada without the long flight and Egg-stortionate price. Imagine no more as the Cadbury’s Hunting lodge in being transported all around the country for your viewing pleasure. The emersion starts from the moment you join the queue where you are offered to play virtual reality hunting game where there are several eggs hidden about the forest. With only a couple of minutes of game time it really sorts out the competitive from the complacent and this is a huge game changer in the lodge!


Once you get your chance to enter the lodge itself you are Egg-sposed to various puns contained in book titles, trophies and objects around the room, some more obvious than others. But take that little step further into the lodge and you will find yourself trapped in a room. This is the point you hope you were on the competitive team because you have 5 minutes to find the golden egg! 2:30 was our time, which was fairly respectable. Finally, when leaving the cabin you are offered a complimentary snack: hot chocolate, s’more, Chocolate Forest Fridge Cake or a toastie, all with a healthy measure of Creme Egg.

For those who don’t know, Cadbury’s are known of their Egg-celent Egg-periances with specialist menus based around Crème Egg, events such as ‘Have a Fling’ and the Crème de la Creme Egg Café. To make this Easter Egg-travaganza rousing 100% of the profits will be going to the Prince’s Trust Charity.


So to join in the hunt find out more on Cadbury’s Creme Egg page and find the lodge in a city near you:

  • 27th January – The London Eye*, London (4:50pm – 9pm)
  • 30th January – Broadmead, Bristol (Open 4:50pm – 9pm)
  • 31st January – Broadmead, Bristol (Open 4:50pm – 9pm)
  • 3rd February – Birmingham City Centre (4:50pm- 9pm)
  • 4th February – Birmingham City Centre (Open 1:50pm- 6pm)
  • 8th February – The Briggate, Leeds (Open 4:50pm – 9pm)
  • 9th February – The Briggate, Leeds (Open 4:50pm – 9pm)
  • 10th February – Festival Sq, Edinburgh (Open 3:50pm – 8pm)
  • 11th February – Festival Sq, Edinburgh (Open 1:50pm – 6pm)
  • 25th February – The London Eye, London (Open 1:50pm – 6pm
  • 26th February – The London Eye, London (Open 1:50pm – 6pm)

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