Flew the Coop at the New Diorama Theatre

My late valentines date was to have the privilege of seeing Flew the Coop live at the New Diorama Theatre. You may not know the story of Rosa Rauchbach, Horace Greasely and the suspicious quantity of chickens that churned through a particular Silesian prisoner of war camp during WWII, but its a sweet tale that you should most certainly delve into if you have the chance, and most of it is true, apparently….

Flew the Coop was brought to the New Diorama Theatre by the Lost Watch in a stellar presentation, bringing the curious, disputed, and heart-warming valentines-worthy tale of a beautiful Silesian translator and a daredevil English prisoner who orchestrated his own escape 209 (yes, a specific number) times from his POW during the war in order to spent time with his love interest.

The New Diorama Theatre is nestled between central London and Camden, and has become known as central London venue in a prime location that still has a keen interest in supporting the development of fledgling theatre companies, and I was keen to get down there to experience the comfy, 80 seat theatre myself.


The performance did not disappoint. I found myself thoroughly entertained and believing the tale of Horace and Rosa, whether it was ever entirely true or not. It’s notable how well stage space is utilised throughout, and the strength of the narration carries the story such that really only a minimal set is needed. The upbeat tempo of the music throughout was a pleasant surprise and complimented the story well, including music from The XX, and a cheesy re-occuring dance number which I thoroughly enjoyed.

There is also a great use of humour to explain tough situations and break the tension of the subject matter well (is it just me? I love a few crude moments in a well written script!)

Rather uniquely, I think it’s worth noting that Flew the Coop puts a positive spin on a subject that is well known in the media and film industry for being retold in heavily dramatic and overly dark mediums. Flew the Coop gives a healthy refresh, and brings a new energy to what was perceived as a loveless time in our history.

I recommend Flew the Coop as a theatre experience worth catching, Lost Watch have an excellent reputation preceding them and have had an award winning emergence since their arrival on the theatre scene in 2013.

Flew the Coop runs through till 4th of March at the New Diorama Theatre, tickets avaiable here

Written by Millie Celeste and J R Manawa

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