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It feels like so long ago that Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) first marched onto our screens and into our hearts during Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. In fact it hasn’t really been that long at all, just under a year in fact from BvS’s release to our most recent gift from Themyscira (but who is actually counting?).
Random Fact 1: When Gal Gadot was auditioning for BvS:DoJ, she didn’t know she was 
auditioning for the character of Wonder Woman. She thought that she was auditioning for Selina Kyle!
The previous trailer releases from Warner Bros. have been very story centric and focused on Diana’s antics in the world as opposed to her beloved home of Themyscira. This third trailer that has been let loose among though adds a bit more mystery to the fire. Though it still mostly shows different footage of thing we already know about, it hints much more Diana’s history.
Inside the first 50 seconds of this latest trailer, we are given a different insight into what this films story could all be centered around, especially from Wonder Woman’s point of view. At 46 seconds in, Hippolyta says: “But she can never know, what she really is”
What is Diana / Wonder Woman? Sounds like some where along this journey Wonder
Woman may come up upon a mild identity crisis, either that or possibly some daddy issues.
Random Fact 2: Chris Pine’s character Steve Trevor has previously appeared in an animated Wonder Woman movie released in 2009 voiced by none other than legend Nathan Fillion. Could that animated film be basis for this new upcoming W.W feature?
This however will hopefully be the Origin story that Woman Woman deserves. She’s never
really ventured to the big screen before, and certainly not in any major way. She has been a staple of DC comics since her first appearance in All Star Comics #8 in 1941. Not to mention the fact that she is a founding member of the Justice League of America, so really, she deserves a decent film to flaunt her origins and it looks like we are going to get just that. Everything from her suit to her shield and sword, not to forget her iconic unbreakable Lasso of truth and bullet bouncing Bracers on her forearms.
With Justice League due for release in Mid-November and the rather mis-matched reviews
that followed Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman has a lot on her plate over the coming
months to ensure that the JLA stand a fighting chance when it comes to the battle for the
box office.
WONDER WOMAN is due out in UK cinema’s 2nd June.
Check out the trailer below and feel free to download the new poster. It makes a kick ass

Words by James Randall-Coath

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