The Crow Cafe in London this weekend! Yes, coffee and crows…

Yes you heard right. There is going to be a crow cafe in London. Our editor, Jo Manawa, had a few words to say about it….

OMG. Did you hear? There is going to be a Crow Cafe in East London on Easter Sunday!!!

I just died and went to heaven. Anyone who knows me well knows how emotionally in love with these birds I am. I have a friend, and we all know that bats are her thing, bats follow her wherever she goes, and I love bats too, but crows – they are MY thing.

Omens of death or friendly coffee date mates?

And now there is a pop up Crow cafe happening in East London on Easer weekend. If you are anything like me, you don’t need to read any more, just go straight to

The Crow Cafe is the brainchild of Charlie Gilmour (self confessed corvid-friendly) and Trevor Smith (As Gilmour said it, this man literally put the bats in ‘Bat’man – the film of course). They are keen to change public opinion of this misunderstood creatures.

There will be a range of members from the corvid family in residence, including the affectionately named ‘Yum Yum’ who is eight years old and can open bottles with her beak, friendly magpies, and even a newborn crow if we are very lucky (at last report she/he was still in his/her egg). There will be caw-fee (get it?) available at the Crow Bar, and a range of other crow inspired gothic treats for Easter.

Gothic crow inspired Easter cookies? Where? Sign me up!

You must book your visit to the Crow cafe through Eventbrite, and you book for an hour slot between 12 – 3pm on Sunday 16th April, so this really is a fly-by-night operation. Get in quick, my crow-loving friends, before the opportunity has flown. All the proceeds from this event go to the charity Folly Wildlife, who help save crows and other wild beasties from the general nastiness of public opinion…. now you can be the change too!

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