Our Top 5 reasons to go to Bestival 2017

New location!

We all like to go to our favourite festival for its familiarity. We like the feel, the energy of those around us and we are excited for what it will be like “this year”, but what if you could make it feel like your first time again? Well this year Bestival is changing its location to Devon! What does that mean for you? Well firstly a bit cheaper journey, you don’t have to pay and wait around for the ferry that you might miss because you tried to book the earlier one to miss the rush but instead slept in and missed the bus! It also will give it a whole new vibe for those returning to the festival scene.


Wake up to awesome free snacks

As a kid we always dream of not having to wash, to spend all our time with our friends, and to eat sh!t food. What could be better than waking up from your tent and being greeted by someone handing you Oreo’s? Only to walk 5 minutes on and to be offered a can of Red Bull! The dream is real people!

Amazing side attraction

So you have woken up to the best breakfast, started your day right. You head over to see some band you have never heard of who were actually pretty cool and you meet the most stunning person, where do you take them? Bestival’s range of attractions include Yoga, Massages, Forest Raves and displays, Giant Bouncy Castles and for the thrill seekers: The Wall of Death! Each year they bring something else new but what is a mokre perfect way to get to know someone than exploring the new site with them?


Talking about new, Bestival is always trying to do something new. Weather it is a new theme, new ways to relax or new technology. Don’t believe us? If you were to tell me that Biffy Clyro’s new 3D VR video looked cool I would completely agree with you. Id also be able to tell you that we were lucky enough to see it last year at Bestival with Samsungs new VR Gear! New year, New location, New excitement!

The Music

Of course the music has to be top of my list simply because they offer a huge range to go and see. Last year I was able to see Slamboree, Caravan Palace, the Cure, Mr Motivator, The Chuckle Brothers, Hot Chip, Major Lazer, Mø and Wiz Khalifa. This year I plan to catch The xx, Pet Shop Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Jamie T, Twin Atlantic, Fatman Scoop and so many more! I want to go there seeing someone for the first time and coming back wanting to add them to my Spotify playlists, not an un-realist dream. It is definitely one of my favourite festivals to be at!

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