Logan Lucky – a cult classic in the making!

Amidst the hornet-drone of the all-American NASCAR racing scene, we were filled with anticipation ahead of seeing Logan Lucky; stellar cast, oddball mix of characters, witty humour, southern drawl, fast cars and a good heist promising to deliver a film worthy of cult classic status… and it delivered!

Stephen Soderbergh (Oceans 11….and the rest) is back in the directors chair (it seems that retirement didn’t suit him) and has come up trumps with a kooky, off-the-wall farce worthy to be up there with all the well loved cinema greats.

For a film where the southern drawl means that sentences take forever to complete the action is fast pace. The titular Logan Brothers (Channing Tatum, Adam Driver) with an unlucky family curse to overcome, enlist the help of convict Joe Bang (Daniel Craig in a brilliantly different role for him) pull off the most complex of heists against the fascinating background of the NASCAR Racing scene. We get a glimpse into America’s West Virginia – North Carolina life, which adds wealth to the film and story setting.

We had so much fun watching this film, laughs twists and turns and a brilliant ending that has us, in the least, wondering if we will be seeing more from these Logan brothers in the future!

Have fun watching!


Written by Helen Cassidy @Inlakesh


LOGAN LUCKY will be in cinemas across the UK on Friday 25th August

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