ITV stars give first date advice with Calum Di Lieto

Pixie Lott, Maya Jama, TOWIE  cast members and a bunch of Love Islanders all gave their first date advice on the red carpet of this year’s ITV Gala.
Calum Di Lieto, who was presenting on behalf of Media Spotlight UK and CHUCKIE VISION, managed to pin down some words of wisdom from a collection of celebrities from across music, entertainment and reality TV.

The advice ranged from slightly more cliche answers, such as “be yourself”, to Love Island’s Theo Campbell saying: “Go up to them and say ‘do you kiss on a first date?’… If they say yes, go in for it!”
Check out the video to see what the likes of soon-to-be-married Pixie Lott and Stormzy’s girlfriend, Maya Jama, had to say about dating.

Interviews by Calum Di Lieto find him on Social media via @CalumDiLieto

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