It’s Good Clean Fun!

Soap is sensual, silly and so much fun! With a fantastic mix of stunning circus skills, lively comedy and beautiful bodies everywhere, there’s something for everyone (well every adult that is…) Ridiculously buff men and outrageously limber women vault, slip and flip over bathtubs the way I thought I looked when I was a wee one playing mermaids (much to the annoyance of my mother!)

I don’t know about you but whenever I’ve tried to have a bit of romantic fun in the bath, it’s an incredibly awkward affair with taps wedged in my back and the atmosphere ending up tepid rather than sultry.

So, it is quite the feat to watch an acrobatic love triangle take place all within one bath (although I suppose it helps when one of them is an incredibly talented contortionist, one is a master foot-juggler and the other is as handsome as Daniel Leo Stern… yowza!!!)

The highlight for me perhaps was Adem Endris’ juggling masterpiece; a striptease with a lot of balls!  But Anton Belyakov is also astounding; using the tub as a pommel horse and drenching the stage. If you’re happy to get soaked, I would recommend splashing out for Sirlion seats!But the front row wasn’t the only thing that was getting wet… my face was too from crying with laughter! (What did you think I was going to say?! Clean thoughts guys, clean thoughts!!!) Each act is seamlessly stitched together by the wonderful contemporary clown Marie-Andree Lemaire who provides some much-needed light relief and keeps the atmosphere fresh. It’s one thing to be able to backflip inside a tub but it’s another thing to keep a whole audience laughing whilst you play out an entire love story with just your feet!

The show is a stunning piece of theatre that truly embodies the essence of circus with a gorgeously erotic twist. The aerial work is breath taking and the contortion is heart stopping but the visual feast is worth staying alive for.

If anyone from Soap is reading this; I wouldn’t mind a backstage seat at some point… just to double check that towel ballet sequence from another angle… 😉


Book now

Tickets from £26.50

(includes £1.50 in fees per ticket) via

Suitable for all ages 12+. This show involves water so you may get wet in if the front rows (waterproofs will be provided).

Words By Daisy Kennedy

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