Solo, not just the name of the main character but an accurate description of where Disney have brought the Star Wars universe.

Yes visually it’s a very pretty film in a dirty way: it feel grimy and authentic. Everything looks dusty and the arse end of a budget, which is ironic as it’s the most expensive movie made with a budget of $250 million! Where did all the cash go? Definitely on the vfx, probably on getting the cast together and maybe a little to pay George Lucas to keep quiet and cry in a corner and watch as Disney continue to drive an iconic trilogy into the realms of dull and boring.

31445152_1864605820251464_7675926003352338432_nI’m not saying it’s all bad, cast wise I have to say well done! To get Emilia Clarke, Woody Harrelson, Thandie Newton and Warwick Davis to act so… mediocre, it scares me more that Ron Howard was brought in to improve this film as its original directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller made it too much into a comedy! And that’s not the only flash back to the Phantom Menace….

Solo is meant to be action packed throughout but it’s just not exciting or original. Alden Ehrenreich imitates Harrison Ford’s behaviours but misses his flare. Two main reasons to see this film:

1 – you want to tell everyone why it’s bad (that does mean sitting through 2 hours and 18 minuets to see 5 minuets of the good stuff).

2 – it is acceptable to eat through a family pack of M’n’Ms and drink a bottle of coke on your own if you are watching a film.

As Harrison Ford said “punch it Chewy” punch Disney right in the face.

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY opens in U.K. cinemas on 24th May


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