Electro-Folk Duo, Tall Heights, are setting their sights on the top and they start the summer with their new single: The Deep End.

Making their way though the USA and Europe, this Boston Based band are teaming up with the likes of James Blunt, Ben Folds, Magic Giant and CAKE to name a few, and even dropping into the UK on the 19th July. So who are they?
Tall Heights
“In addition to finger-picked guitar, swelling cello and tight,​ ​prismatic vocal harmonies, ‘Spirit Cold’ boasts a bold, airy drum part​ ​that propels the song through the peaks and troughs of the​ ​arrangement”​ – Wall Street Journal​
Paul Wright on Cello and vocals, teamed up with Tim Harrington on acoustic guitar and vocals have had the opportunity to open for artists like Chainsmokers, played at Glastonbury and SXSW, and been invited to play for both Al Gore as well as performing recently on Conan.
“There have been many bands in recent years that have employed beautiful close harmonies, but when you add the strings and the great songwriting, Tall Heights is a notch above the pack” – WBEZ
There is no real way to describe their sound, a beautiful mix of electro sounds and smooth vocals. Think OK GO! with James Blunt. If that isn’t exciting enough then simply their 120 million audio streams with an average of 1.5 million streams a week.


Listen to the latest single from Tall Heights, ‘The Deep End’ HERE


Debut album Neptune Available on iTunes | Spotify | Amazon | Apple Music

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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