M:I- Fallout, Another edge of seat mission that is not quite impossible!

The IMF team are back and they have yet another seemingly impossible mission…. will they or won’t they succeed this time? Well I shall leave that spoiler free and let you make your own predictions. I’m sure you will guess correctly.

This time there are some new, albeit unwelcome faces added to the IMF team. Henry Cavill’s brawny Agent Walker is forced by superiors onto the more tactical IMF regulars, resulting in Ethan Hunt having to resort to more physical attack methods than normal, there are some awesome fight scenes that really do look like they hurt! Simon Pegg & Ving Rhames both back in Service bringing us the comedic banter to break up the harsh realities of fighting super villains. Though to give them their due Luther (Ving Rhames) gets to show more of his softer side and Benji (Simon Pegg), the tech brain gets to tackle a fair amount of the action himself in the latest instalment.

This time we have the stunning Vanessa Kirby in a perfect role as the English underworld entrepreneur and returning villain, Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) is seeking revenge on Ethan Hunt and nothing is going to stop him this time, not even his incarceration as a multinational prisoner for crimes committed via the Syndicate.

Overall, this film has everything you want from an MI film, there are more plots twists and surprises that keep you on your toes throughout… if you’re a fan you will love the familiar faces and familiar names that crop up throughout the film. If you are new to the MI franchise, well, you might find the plot a bit too busy to follow, but you’ll still enjoy the fast paced action that MI is famous for.

Don’t forget to watch out for that moment we all know is when Tom cruise broke his ankle on set…. there was an audible intake of breath, the pain on his face is real people! Be ready for the cheers at the slightly gruesome final end to one of those villains who seem to have as many lives as your average household cat.

Have to say it is one of those films that I will probably watch again and again… it will be particularly good lazy Saturday watching in years to come, I’m sure.

Go check it out when it is released and decide for yourself!

Released: Midnight on Tuesday 24th July,

Words by @Inlakesh

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