THE GRINCH! A Great reimagining of the classic Grinch story.

The Grinch is a beautiful animated reimagining of the classic film. Benedict Cumberbatch voices the Grinch with great character, Pharrel Williams is a fabulous narrator, and Angela Lansbury is in there for the “Oo I recognise that voice” feeling.

The Grinch lives with his dog, Max, in a cave high in the mountains. Max, takes on a butler type role and in gorgeously drawn scenes makes the Grinch his morning cup of coffee. The cave overlooks the town of Who Ville, populated by the ever cheerful Whos.

The Whos have decided to make Christmas 3 times bigger and the Grinch decides to put an end to this.

The four boys, aged seven to nine who I took to see this film adored it! They laughed and could hardly keep still in their seats during some of the slap stick parts.

Particular favourites were Max, the giant Christmas tree and of course the happy ending!

Well worth taking the kids to see for the feel-good Christmas vibe. 4/5 stars!

In Cinemas NoW! (November 9th 2018)

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