Snow-ploughing, cold-hearted action with Liam Neeson — our review of Cold Pursuit

From a loving father and simple townsman to a cool killer. What we fully expected to be a dark revenge fuelled film, with Liam Neeson bringing his renowned father-stopping-at-nothing-to-protect-(or in this case revenge)-his-child character from Taken leading the story line, we found ourselves surprised by the comedy driven vibe of the film.

The story of the snow plough guy who found it extremely easy to become a cold-hearted killer. Neeson’s character is hardened throughout the film, showing little to know emotion, even with the death of his son and the departure of his wife, bar a short dalliance with attempted suicide.

With humour thrown in at every point, the film is enjoyable and entertaining, yet often disjointed from the central theme. With one liners such as  “Have you heard of Stockholm syndrome?” coming from the unlikeliest of sources, you can’t go amiss. At other times it took away from the gravitas of the actual story line. But with a tag line of “Revenge is best served cold” what more could you expect?

In short, the film is entertaining with a simple point-to-point plot and little in the way of twists and surprises. A good and easy action film to watch.

Three out of five stars.

Written by @milzabud edited by @jrmanawa

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