La Clique C’est Chic !

La Clique cabaret returns to Leicester Square’s Spiegeltent, a decade on from winning the Best Entertainment Olivier Award2A naughty nocturnal treat that plays homage to the old school circus and French cabaret, it’s a rollercoaster ride of laughter, shock, and sexiness.

Showcasing world class talent, Bernie Dieter, an outstanding Master of Ceremonies, sets the tone: ‘This isn’t a fucking panto’. Hilarious, she breaks the ice, works the crowd and has everyone eating in her hand by the end of the evening.1Expect to see gentleman juggler, Florian Brooks, balancing champagne flutes with perfectly choreographed humour and dexterity, The Bath Boy, Stephen Williams, an aerial acrobat who sways in the air to It’s a Man’s World dripping wet in a pair of jeans as his taught muscles bulge on the light. David Pereira also offers an anatomy class, he is like a moving painting by Michelangelo. He controls every inch of his body in the beautiful and poetic dance of a fallen angel.0For the audience in the front rows there’s a whole lot of interaction! The tent offers perfects views from every seat. One can smell the paraffin from Heather Holiday’s fire breathing. She will hypnotise you as she caresses her body with fire and seamlessly swallows swords while your own jaw drops.

Everything is washed down with a cocktail of classic hits performed by a five-piece live band and vocalist Kelly Wolfgramm.

We appreciate Dieter final message: ‘We’re told difference is something to be afraid of,’ Dieter says. ‘Here at La Clique we fucking celebrate it.’ Word.

This show is pure entertainment, audience members can walk to the bar in between acts.  It offers a sexually-charged and fantastically festive atmosphere. You’re guaranteed a winter buzz!

La Clique is at the Leicester Square Spiegeltent until 4 January 2020.

For Tickets Info click here.


Words By Elizabeth Robert

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