Vikings Are Surprisingly Motivational

Quotes From Vikings That Are Surprisingly Motivational

In celebration of season 6, vol. 1 of Vikings coming out on Blu-ray™ & DVD, we have rounded up a few of our favourite quotes from the series, alongside brand new images. Despite the graphic battles, the drama has provided us with some great motivational and uplifting quotes that fit any situation. Vikings Season 6, Vol.1, is out on Blu-ray™ and DVD October 19th.

Warriors don’t show their heart until the axe reveals it

Floki Vilgerðarson

Fame wont make your small kingdom any bigger 

Bjorn Ironside

It is one thing to use a weapon but another to kill 

Ragnar Lothbrok

Life is about suffering. There is no escape from it. That’s the truth. What’s important is how we deal with suffering, how we deal with the truth 


Don’t waste your time looking back, you’re not going that way

Ragnar Lothbrok

“The space between life and death, that’s where we are the most alive.”

Floki Vilgerðarson

“We have one life… so go and live it.”


“When your time comes, you must lead with your head, not with your heart.”

Ragnar Lothbrok

Vikings: Season 6 Vol.1 is available on Blu-ray™ & DVD on October 19th.

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