Strap yourselves in, Gerard Butler is back in ‘Plane’

Unlike the plane journey in the film no expenses were spared for this press screening. With flight crew there to guide you through the picture opportunities including a replica of inside a plane, serving you refreshments and ensuring we were safely stowed in our seats before take off…sorry the plane noises and flight safety cards confused me I meant until the start or the film!

As for the film, true to form Gerard Butler gives us an epic thriller however it is in my opinion, Mike Colter who delivers on the action this time, playing quiet but deceptively handy Louis Gaspare. What follows is a battle for survival rather than the holiday hoped for. I’d question whether Captain Torrence [Butler] was really following aviation law…. I mean, what pilot do you know that would leave the cockpit mid flight, in a weather storm to check on passengers?!?

The scales in’Plane’ are heavily weighted in favour of violent action; in some cases a little too gruesomely detailed (judging by the audible shock in the audience) however, it’s fun with lots of cheesy chuckles to slightly balance the scales.

In the end it was the ride of a life time and it had me on the edge of my seat the whole way from beginning to end. We’d speculated on the story arc given the action genre, but we were all wrong. The movie lives up well to its cast and it’s setting. I just…..really need a spa day now to relax after watching it!

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