How would you feel to be contained in your house, only to see what was going on through your window?

The Wolfpack is a extraordinary look into the lives of the Angulo family as they explore the world through making their own versions of Hollywood films.

The Wolfpack

A documentary might not be your go to genre of film, and to be honest, reviewing this film seems wrong. This is the life of the Angulo family who have remained in their house almost their entire lives. Their father goes out for all of the necessities whilst the children are home schooled isolated in the Lower East side of Manhatten. With their love of moves the boys re-create their favourites line for line with props hand made from items from around the house.

This film is an incredible look into a lifestyle so different from what most of us would see as normal, the camera crew being the first people to spend enough time in the house to have food cooked for them. It shows the resourcefulness of growing up in such an environment, with so little of the luxuries that are assumed in modern life, especially in a city that is known for it varied street life.

As I said, reviewing this film seems wrong because it would be reviewing this family’s life. It does make me think of my own life, especially considering this time of new years resolutions. These boys not only have created more than most of us will ever dream of in a life style so simplistic. But they have also been brave enough to open up and show the rest of the world what it is to be them.

The Wolfpack is out now on DVD and Bluray.

Article by Chuckie. 

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