Call of Duty: Black Ops III DLC – Awakenings

With the incredible release of Call of Duty: Black Ops III we have now been officially shown the latest information on the Downloadable Content (DLC) from PSX in San Francisco.


Launching on 2nd February, Awakenings is the first of 4 extra DLC packs. These will be released on PS4 first and then a month later on Xbox One and PC. They include 4 new maps and a whole new Zombies maps!

These new maps are all specifically designed to feel different but work around the pre-established combat system.

Skyjack is an aerial map similar to high jack from Black Ops II. The smallest of the new map but destined for some close quarters shotgun shoot outs.

Rise appears more classic providing more cover and mauves. Fights around the construction site encourage choke points, cat and mouse and underwater opportunities.

Gauntlet offers 3 different biomes each with their own training elements: city, forest and ice. Each look amazing and might help those getting used to the three lane system to identify how to pick up some basic strategies.

My favourite, visually, is Splash. Built around an old abandoned water park it has water slides and pirates. It allows players to jump between lanes and mix up their strategies. It also extends the offer of under water game play, which is only featured in some small areas of the current maps.

Of course the most exciting part of this new DLC is Der Eisendrachen – the first of 4 Zombies story lines. Based in an old castle it really lends itself to the Evil forces and time travel story line that is Black Ops Zombies. Built upon an old abandoned burial site. It contains deposits of element 115. It also introduces 4 new mega gumballs. Treyarch have said they want to offer conclusions and answers to previous questions that fans have been asking but on the flip side also want to start off some new questions. Will this be the map where we are finally able to Pack-a-Punch the Nar-Ullaqua?

Unfortunately we wont get any new guns in this DLC but with the offer of 4 maps, Zombies story and 4 new gumballs I think I can wait for a new gun.

Awakenings will be available for download on Tuesday 2nd February 2016 for PS4 and Thursday 3rd of March on Xbox One and PC. Pick up a season pass now to receive all of this DLC and the next 3 pack!


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