British artist Ian Berry is BEHIND CLOSED DOORS for his London solo show

We are so excited to see the upcoming work again of British artist Ian Berry. He makes all his work in denim, right, denim. Those things we all wear as jeans on our legs, cut up and made into amazing art. Go figure. Sounds like another gimmick? It is far from it.unspecified-4We saw his last London solo show and we were blown away by the photorealistic nature of the work. Many didnt even notice it was denim at first. They are so crafted that it is easy to mistake for a painting or even a photograph, but once you get close it is the depth and texture that draws you in.unspecified-7.jpegDon’t take our word for it or even an industry magazine that labelled him as being in the top 30 under 30 in the world. Dont even take these images displayed on here, you have to go and see the real thing with the Catto Gallery. We assure you, you will even be surprised as by the looks of it, his work has moved on once again and with a new body of work titled Behind Closed Doors touches on subjects that are familiar to all. It looks very moving and really made us question, seeing lonely figures in lavish, almost Elle Decoration style homes seemingly living in the dream life, yet, still lonely or not always fulfilled.unspecified-8In a separate exhibition space he shows My Beautiful Laundrette, a comment on the closing laundrettes around London. We see different London laundrettes but the showstopper will be an installation of a life size laundrette… while the real ones are closing down, we are sure this will have a long line of folks waiting to go in for some selfies.

Pepe Jeans 


See it at Catto Gallery | 14 Percy Street | London | W1T 1DR

16 – 30 November 2016

Mon – Sat 10.00 – 18.00

Sun 12.30 – 18.00

There will be special late night openings until 20.00 on Thursdays


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