Robots in disguise are back!

Those Robots in Disguise are back again –  and this time they are treating us to an unexpected history lesson!

The first hour of the film takes us through Transformer history from their roots on Cybertron to their first encounter with Earthlings and a brief revelation of how the Transformers have always been a hidden helping hand to earthlings throughout the dark ages all the way to ‘sometime in the not to distant future’.


Cue the unlikely combo of familiar faces, Cade Yeager (Mark Whalberg) and Colonel Lennox (Josh Duhamel), with the new additions an eccentric English Lord (Anthony Hopkins – hell yeah!) an Oxford professor (Laura Haddock) and a street kid whose just lost the last autobot she called family (Isabela Moner).


And we can’t forget our Autobot friends. Bumblebee is back and has gained a few new companions (my personal favourite cameo voiced by Steve Buscemi as Daytrader), we pick up a new steampunk C3P0-ish well hidden, slightly sociopathic bot along the way. Of course, he’s attached to Anthony Hopkin’s character.

This is just the good guys…. who are on a mission to save earth from imminent destruction by a new villain aided by Arch Evil bot Megatron… what’s more shock-horror – has Optimus Prime changed allegiance????


Well, to find out you’ll just have to go along. You’ll have a great laugh at some comic moments, and revel in the great action presented in this latest Transformers instalment.

Written by Helen Cassidy @Inlakesh


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