Are we Avenged?

Still recovering from the civil war, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor and the rest of the avengers return to face their toughest enemy yet; Thanos, a villain set to collect 6 infinity stones and wipe out half the universe, how do the avengers defeat a god?

10 years, we have been waiting. Finally we have made it to the climax of all of the Marvel films and, if i’m honest, I was pleasantly surprised thanks to a big purple grape! Yes Thanos, played by John Brolin, is the perfect villain (possibly a little misunderstood?) we have been waiting for. Compared to Loki for example, he isn’t portrayed as anything but the guy to get things done. Nothing unnecessary. Nothing extravagant. No bells and whistles. It is just a shame we had to wait so long for such a bad ass. No spoilers, but I think he has chosen to do the hard thing to save half the universe which could ultimately be his undoing, unfortunately we have to wait a year to find out!

Unsurprisingly this has been one of the largest grossing films weekends both US and worldwide. It has one of the biggest and most diverse cast across the current MCU, most of the screen time is action or fight sequence and what is left is genius comedy moments and wit.

Of course im going to recommend to see this. It’s an easy watch, brings together everything they have been building up to and is enjoyable for everyone unless you are Chris Pratt trying to compare to Chris Hemswoth.

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