Vampires in Paradise! — Just another reason you should visit the Gold Coast!

This is not about the pristine beaches and palm trees of Surfer Paradise in Australia (though, if you’ve always thought about going, you should!) This is about vampires.

Yes. Vampires, partial nudity, loud music, chocolate coffins and comedy from the outset and throughout.

This is about Dracula’s cabaret on Australia’s Gold Coast!

My friends and I arrived, eager to see what the night had in store for us. We lined up with all the other doomed souls. To make the wait more fun, the waitstaff even joined us in line, with magnificent costumes and bloodied faces, they haunt you, taunt you, and laugh with you…but mostly at you!

We were ushered through a door which led us into a room that clearly had no exit. Locked in, I stayed close to my companions in the darkness. Jump scares are not my favourite thing, however I do enjoy the thrill of the unknown. With a short introduction from up above, it was clear we were at the bottom of a grave. Setting the scene for what was to come. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, it was time to board the ghost train!

Two by two we climbed aboard for a swift and short ride! I will say no more, the experience is yours to discover. It’s either I cannot speak of the horrors on the train, for fear of reliving them…or I just don’t want to ruin your fun! Our destination was the beginning of debauchery, a neo-Victorian bar. If you expect to find a simple whiskey, merlot or prosecco, you are mistaken. Drinks from the other side are what’s on offer. Choose wisely! Don’t waste time, you won’t have long before you will be taken to the theatre!

We made our way to be seated at our table. Our waitress wasting no time to splash us with drinks. A variety of cocktails, plenty of choice, but not the usual choices. We drank toward our demise and waited for the show to begin. At least in this house of horrors they fed and watered us well! The drinks were spectacular, cocktails in coffins, or floating on a sea of otherworldly mist, Sangria to share presented in a glass skull. Nicely done! The food was well presented and delicious, my friends and I were all satisfied with the fare we had chosen!

If you expect to visit Dracula’s and not laugh then think again. The comedy happens right from the beginning. If you aren’t prepared to throw caution to the wind, relax and laugh at yourself then possibly this experience is not for you. It would be such a shame though…to miss such fun! Loosen up, who cares! Just go with it! Have a drink or two and you’ll be fine! What’s the worst that can happen…?

We witnessed Terrorbyte! The show was energetic with a gritty and glamorous soundtrack to match! As big fans of live music, Dracula’s make sure the in-house band create the best vibe for your experience, rock’n’roll, metal, and pop through the ages. The stunning vocal performances make this show a night to remember. But it is comedy that rules, sandwiched pleasurably between stunning aerial acrobatics. It’s a journey alright! With a good few moments of audience participation thrown in. And be warned, you may have no choice in the matter, so prepare yourselves!

Once the show has concluded you are again invited to enjoy the bar. We recommend that you full advantage of this, because when are you next going to be able to drink your cranberry-red cocktail out of a real-life blood bag?! You also must have your photos taken and do not leave without browsing the gift shop after you have had a quick chat to the incredible cast!

We felt so welcomed (and playfully abused!) on our visit to Dracula’s and would recommend a night out with the vampires to anyone visiting the Gold Coast! Book yourselves in, experience the horror.…embrace the darkness!

By Wilton Robinson-Marks

Title photo credit unknown (Dracula’s)

The Chuckie Vision Team with the cast of Dracula’s

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